This story by Telos and three of his friends is about a top-secret team of American government operatives that specialize in taking down large organizations (usually terrorists) with the lowest possible civilian death toll and no witnesses. They consist of four members: an explosives expert, a sharpshooter, a martial artist and a weapons expert, plus their mission manager.


Warning: this story contains explicit language. Read at your own risk.

Dramatis PersonaeEdit

  • Timer/Trent Williams (explosives expert, team leader)
  • Scope/Andrew Beckett (marksman)
  • Rapid/Robert Gray (weapons expert)
  • Shade/Scott Marshal (negotiator, martial artist, reconnaissance)
  • Raphael Hassar (terrorist leader)
  • Alexander McGarath (mission manager for Operation: Front Lines)
  • Lester Thomas (Head of the United States Department of Defense)
  • Amy Groves (ex-military operative, new mission manager for Operation: Front Lines)
  • Marcus Ross (gang leader)
  • Ari 'Carver' Cooper (bodyguard, gang member)
  • Evan Kassu



Currently, Telos, GuitarMad, Chappy2 and It's Dawg are working on five prequels about the history of Timer, Scope, Rapid and Shade, plus one about their first mission together.

Timer's Training

Scope's Shack

Rapid's Rage

Shade's Shadow

The First Mission


Telos would like to thank:

  • The CHERUB series for inspiration with much of the plot and general vibe. If it weren't for CHERUB (and Guitarmad and Chappy2) Front Lines would have been much darker and not as humourous.
  • Everyone who has encouraged us, including our school teachers, parents and friends. Happy
  • The Short Stories Wiki for being here and supplying a friendly and free place to write our own stories where they can be read and constructively commented on by others.
  • Everyone from the primary school that Telos, Chappy and Guitarmad attended, for their constant support and ideas.
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