Linh’s POV (hey guys go easy on me this is my first time)

Linh felt the power.

She felt the water.

She felt it running through her veins.

But she was being taken from it. She wasn’t aloud to be who she was. She was a hollow shell. I’ll never be complete she thought. The only way I can feel close to a whole is with Tam and I‘m going to be taken away from him.

Linh was currently faceing all twelve councillors. She had had to many floods. Her parents didn’t want anything to do with her and her twin. They hadn’t even come to the tribual. Tam had of coarse. He was standing behind her in the crowd of regents and Emissary’s. His look could have killed for miles. He was glaring daggers at everyone in the room but Linh. In fact his gaze softened everytime he looked at her.

She hadn’t been paying attention to the Councillors while she was surveying the room. That didn’t mean she was any less scared. Her legs were so shaky she could barely stand.

The end of the tribunal came. The decision was made. She was to be banished. Her through started welling up but she refused to cry in front of the council. Then a voice spoke up. “I’m going with her.” It was Tam. She turned her head so fast she almost pulled a muscle. ”Tam” she whispered. “No.” he said firmly. “You are not going alone.” She wanted to argue she really did. But she needed Tam and Tam needed her.

They had two hours to get their stuff ready. “We can run away.” Tam suggested. “No” I’m done running I thought.

They left to Choralmere. They ignored their parents yelling at Tam to stay and to let Linh go. They leaped away to a small place near Ravagog. They knew no one else would go there. When they arrived a few gnomes in the area. Linh approached them and asked if they would mind Tam and Linh staying. “I was banished“ I said. “Of course you can stay here.” The gnome closest to them said. “We would love to help you.” “Really.” I asked. “You would be no burden.” one of them called. I looked back at Tam. He gave a shrug. I turned back and said “ I guess I’m staying here then.” No Tam called and walked up and took he hand “We are.”

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Linh’s POV a few years later

Another day at Exillium. I woke up staring at the top of the tent. Then the tears hit. All the gnomes had been getting sick. It was a beautiful place they had found. She had felt so lucky. The gnomes would grow the most amazing flowers and would take care of them. When all the gnomes had gotten sick they had to leave. The forest looked so dead. They could hear the ogres marching at night.

One night after they came back from Exillium they had seen a elf, in a black coat. They looked around, picked up a few twigs and left. Nothing else. I dragged myself out of the small sleeping bag and but the heavy Exillium cloak on. I had a Hydrokinetic pin and my brother had a shade pin.

We leaped to the destination for that day. We had to hid in the shadows today. Tams shadow moved towards hers. Someones coming today he shadow whispered. That was a surprise to me, no one had come for a while.

I was even more surprised when five figures leaped here. There was one girl that I kept looking at. She had five pins. Five ability’s Tam whispered like he was reading my mind. When has that ever happened he asked. I didn’t know but I knew what came next.

Suddenly all five yelped, they were now dangling in the air. This was for the sorting. Everyone but the girl was out already. I saw her hold something up. A pendent I thought. Before I knew it the rope was on fire. A Pyrokinetic Tam asked. I didn’t know but I knew I needed to help. The girl screamed then passed out. I reached out with a hand of water, stamping out the flames on the unconsciouscious girl and on the arch.

Normally I would have gotten in big trouble for helping another student but the coaches didn’t mind because I stopped the place from being put on fire. The girl and the boy who had hurt his ankle went to the medic. The rest of us went to the sorting area.

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