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Chapter 1 (Sophie's POV)[edit | edit source]

Sophie watched Keefe as he lay peacefully in the cot. She couldn't do this anymore.

Keefe... She transmitted. "Keefe!" Sophie felt hot tears leak out of her eyes. She leaned forward in her chair and rested her head in her hands and started to silently sob. "KEEFE! Please wake up!"

Someone walked in and gasped. Sophie turned and saw her beautiful adopted mother's concerned face looking back at her.

"Sophie? What's wrong?" Edaline asked. She walked over to Sophie and squatted down to Sophie's eye level. "You can tell me anything."

"I-I-I can't do this anymore," Sophie said, crying harder.

Edaline wrapped Sophie in a hug, and a few tears leaked down her face too. "I know, sweetheart. I know."

*3 months later*

Sophie was watching Keefe again. She had nothing better to do, so she knew she might as well spend it with one of her best friends, even if he was still asleep. Suddenly, she saw him twitch. He twitched again. And again. His eyes fluttered open and he groaned. Sophie sat there, shocked.

"K-Keefe?" she stuttered.

"Good morning Foster," he said, his voice hoarse. "How long was I out?"

Chapter 2 (Keefe's POV)[edit | edit source]

"Keefe? Are you actually awake and I'm not having a dream?" Foster asked.

"Nope you're awake and I need to check on him so Sophie, not the time for a reunion," Elwin said rushing out of his office. Elwin started flashing orbs around Keefe and gave him some elixirs. "He will be on bed rest for a few days but if he gets out of his bed before his bed rest is over, then a few weeks."

"Awwww, come on. I want to go back to the Shores of Solace," Keefe said sarcastically.

"Haha, very funny Keefe," Elwin said. Rude.

"Okay, but how long was I out? A few days? A week or two?" Keefe asked.

Foster and Elwin shared a look. Not good. Elwin flinched and met Foster's eyes. They were staring into each other's eyes for a few minutes. Telepathic conversation.

Foster took a deep breath, "Are you sure you want to know."

"Yes. I'm positive. Just tell me," Keefe urged.

Fos- okay let's be serious -Sophie took another deep breath. " A year."

Keefe tried to sit up and winced as he exclaimed, "A YEAR?"

"Yes, a year and, trust me, it was not fun watching Blondie over here crying over you every day," Ro said as she emerged from the shadows.

Foster turned an adorable shade of pink.

"Hey Ro, help me sit up," Keefe said.

Ro mumbled something about Keefe. That made him smirk. She walked over and propped him up using a few pillows and said, "Happy now Hunky Hair?"

"Um... you forgot one thing," Keefe said smirking.

"What is it," Ro said, rolling her eyes. "And just so you know, I'm not getting mallowmelt or custardbusts or lush berry juice or any of that got it?"

"Yeah, yeah, I got it. You just forgot it's LORD Hunky Hair," Keefe said. "Oh and Foster, what's your plan for taking down the Neverseen?"

Chapter 3 (Sophie's POV)[edit | edit source]

Oh no, Keefe would not like the answer to that question.

"We... um... uh," Sophie stuttered.

Ro smirked, "They haven't planned anything. At least that Blondie knows about."

Sophie felt her cheeks burn.

"I have a feeling that I know what she means," Keefe said. "Why didn't you go to the meetings, Foster?"

"I... um... uh," great now she sounded like Charlie Brown whenever he talked to Peppermint Paddy on the phone.

"Wait," Keefe interrupted, " where is everyone else?"

A few tears leaked out of her eyes.

Elwin gave Sophie a sad look and said, "They're at you planting."

"WHAT?" Keefe yelled. Then groaned and started to mumble about his head hurting.

Elwin started flashing orbs of light around Keefe's head, and Keefe said that made it hurt more. Then Elwin gave Keefe a few elixirs and Keefe claimed that he was fine now.

"Why aren't you at my planting, Sophie?"

More tears leaked out of her eyes. "I couldn't do it. I-it was just too hard."

Keefe put a hand over Sophie's and said, "I know how it feels to think that someone you care about is dead."

Sophie sniffled and gave a weak smile, "Are you talking about when Dex and I got kidnapped?"

Keefe smiled, "Maybe, maybe not."

Sophie let out a small laugh. She laughed. The first time she has laughed in a year and it felt good.

Chapter 4 (Keefe's POV)[edit | edit source]

Foster laughed. Keefe hasn't heard that sweet sound in so long. It made him realize how long he has really been in his coma. He also realized the terrible truth. Keefe has fulfilled his legacy. It was his fault that he got put in a comma. NO! He yelled at himself. DON'T GIVE IN TO THE GUILT! He screamed that at himself over and over again. Taking deep breaths. In. Out. In. Out.

"Hey, Keefe are you okay?" Foster asked. Her cute worried expression returning to her face.

"Oh nothing," he lied. "I was just realizing how much I missed you." She turned firetruck red. There has never been a way to make her not beautiful-

Elwin cut off his thoughts, "Keefe you need to get some rest."

Keefe made the best pouty face he could muster without smiling as he watched Foster giggle a little. "But I was just asleep for a year," he whined.

"That wasn't sleeping," Elwin replied.

"Then what was it?" Foster asked.

"It was a coma."

"Elwiiiiin," Keefe whined again. "You know how bored Foster's going to be."

"Keeeeefe," Elwin said copying what Keefe did, "Sophie needs rest too."

"What? No, I don't," Foster protested.

"Yes, you do. You haven't slept since you heard about Keefe's planting which was a week ago."

"Well, you know that I can't sleep without Mrs. Stinkbottem and that Foster can't sleep without Ella so, you're going to have to get them," Keefe was never going to give up. Though he had to admit, he was a little tired.

"Well good thing we already have them here," Elwin said as he pulled out Ella and Mrs. Stinkbottem from behind his back. He handed Ella to Foster and Mrs.Stinkbottem to Keefe.

"Fiiiiiiine," Keefe and Foster said in unison and Elwin handed them the stuffed animals. Keefe looked at Foster and smirked while she blushed. Foster made her way to a cot next to her chair and flopped down on it. Almost instantly she fell asleep. Keefe soon was settled in and asleep too.

Chapter 5 (Sophie's POV)[edit | edit source]

Sophie woke up to the sound of voices.

"Should we wake her up?"

"I don't know she hasn't slept in a week."

"Good point."

Sophie's eyes slowly opened and blinding light met her eyes. She let out a weak groan and slowly sat up, letting her muscles wakeup. Soon her eyes adjusted to the light and all of her friends and their parents were in the healing center.

"Good morning drool master," Stina said from a corner. Dex elbowed her and Stina let out a small yelp.

"Good afternoon Foster," Keefe said smirking from his cot. (A.N. Sorry if this chapter is bad I hit writer's block at this exact spot so.... Happy Reading.)

Sophie groaned and covered her head with her blanket. "Five more minutes." She demanded. Sh really just didn't want to have to deal with Team Valiant since she missed all of their meetings and never checked in with them and ignored all of the hails she got when Keefe was in his coma.

"Okay guys," Elwin said, "Everyone out Sophie needs to catch up on her sleep."

Everyone started mumbling and disagreeing as Elwin ushered everyone out of the healing center.

"Come on Foster, we all know you don't already want five more minutes of sleep if it's already noon."

She really didn't want to pull the I-Ignored-Everyone's-Hails card. It would make Keefe worry about her more that he already is.

"What's with all the mood swings Foster?"

She had to do it. She couldn't ignore his sweet, concerned face that he was giving her. Wait. What. Stop thinking that. You don't like him. Do you? Sophie's mental conversation made Keefe worry even more.

"IIgnoredEveryone'sHails," Sophie said quickly. There she did it. She silently groaned. No, why did she do it?

"Hey, it's okay Foster," Sophie silently thanked Keefe for not worrying about her... too much.

Then they heard a quiet knock on the door. Sophie slowly got up and opened the door. Grady and Edaline were standing in the doorway and hugged Sophie as tight as they could.

"We missed you so much," Edaline said.

"We also brought you and Keefe some Mallowmelt since you guys haven't had it in so long," Grady said, holding out a platter of the sweet, cakey treat.

Chapter 6 (Keefe's POV)[edit | edit source]

"Are you telling me that Foster hasn't had any mallowmelt in a year?" Keefe asked.

"Nope," Foster said, turning a light shade of pink.

"Where is the Sophie Foster I know and lo-" he quickly clamped his mouth shut. He was NOT going to say that he loved Foster. He did- it was just... complicated. Also, Grady started to glare at him when he started to say love so that kind of stopped him too.

Edaline walked over to Keefe's cot and handed Keefe the platter of mallowmelt and Sophie looked over at it like it was taunting her. (A.N. here's a mallowmelt recipe if any of you want to make it.

"Do you want some Foster?" Keefe asked, hoping she would say yes and would stay to eat it with him. He mostly just wanted to spend more time with her.

"Um, uh, no thanks. Hard pass," Foster said.

Keefe made a shocked expression and Ro let out a disapproving grunt from the corner she was in.

"Now if Ms. Foster isn't going to eat some mallowmelt, then she will be going back to Havenfeild," Gigantor said from his corner.

"Aww, come on Gigantor," Keefe whined, "she can't stay for a little longer."

"No, Keefe. It's fine. I want to go back. I haven't been there for a while," Foster said.

"Okay, but I'm hoping to see you the day I get off of bed rest," Keefe said, his lips twitching into a smirk.

Foster rolled her eyes. "Okay fine. See you in two days."

She waved at Keefe and walked out of the healing center with Grady and Edaline.

Chapter 7 (Sophie's POV) (I think. I don't feel like scrolling up. XD)[edit | edit source]

After Keefe was off of bed rest, Sophie headed over to the healing center. Before she left, she put on a little bit of the gold eyeliner that Della gave her a few years ago, when she first moved to the Lost Cities. Before Grady and Edaline could see her with the eyeliner on, she ran to the light leaper.

"I'm heading to the healing center to see Keefe," She called down to Grady and Edaline, who were in the kitchen making ripplefluffs and other sweet treats.

"Okay honey," Edaline called. "Are you sure you don't want any breakfast?"

"Yeah, I'm sure." Before Edaline could reply, Sophie called Healing Center and stepped into the light. She soon glittered in front of the healing center door.

She knocked on the door. "Finally. You here, Foster," Keefe said, opening the door. "I thought you were going to stand me up."

"Like I would stand you up. I would only stand Fitz up," Sophie mumbled to her self.

"Did you say something?" Keefe asked.

Sophie turned a light shade of pink. "Oh uh, nothing."

"Keefe smirked, "Right, sure. Any ways, le'ts go to the secret mentors cafeteria since I can walk now."

"I that the only reason way you wanted me to come back today?" Sophie asked.

"No, I also wanted to tell you something, but I'll tell you at the cafeteria," Keefe said, then winked. Sophie felt her face heat up.

"Alright, let's go," Sophie said.

'You aren't leaving without us," Sandor said, as he and Ro stepped out of the shadows.

"Come on Gigantor," Keefe complained, "we're still going to be in the building. And Ro, we both know that you really don't want to go."

"I go where my charge goes," Sandor protested.

"Come on let's let them be teenagers and let them live a little," Ro said, pulling out a vile of flesh eating bacteria from a pocket on her best plate and started messing with it.

"Fine," Sandor conceded.

They left the healing center in a slietly weird silence. Sophie then noticed how tired Keefe looked. "Did you get any sleep last night?"

"No," Keefe mumbled. Then they made a sharp right.

"Why didn't you sleep?"

"Bad dre-" they heard footsteps.

"Did you hear that?" Sophie asked.

"I did. Get behind me," Keefe whispered.

"No," Sophie protested. "You get behind me. You just got off of bed rest."

"I don't care what happens to me. I just want you to be safe."

"We don't even know who it is. It could just be Elwin or one of the bodyguards," Sophie said trying not to panik.

"We should just head back," Keefe said, looking around.

"Agreed," Sophie said.

"Not so fast," a voice said that has haunted Sophie's dreams from the beginning. Gethen.

Sophie spun around and saw two cloaked figures emerging from the shadows. "What do you want?" Sophie demanded.

"Oh, I just want to know what ability my son got," Gisla said, throwing back her hood. (A.N. Sorry if I spelled her name wrong.)

Run Keefe. Go back to the healing center and get Sandor and Ro. Sophie transmitted.

No, I need to help you, Keefe thought.

No you don't! I have this under control! JUST GO!

Keefe flinched. Fine, he thought. Keefe sprinted to the healing center.

"Where did you send my son?" Gisila sighed.

"Why should I tell you?"

"Because I'm his loving mother," she replied softly.

Sophie scoffed. "Loving? Everyone loves Keefe more than you ever will."

Sophie felt her anger bubbling inside of her and she started to feed it more and more sadness and rage.

But before she could inflict on them Geisla said, "Oh no you don't."

Gethen pulled out a melder and aimed at her. He shot it but his aim was terrible. It hit Sophie's leg and she crumpled to the ground and gritted her teeth as she held her wounded leg.

"Gethen, you idiot. You where supposed to go for her head."

"I was thinking to get her legs then her head to make her suffer more," Gethen said, with a wicked grin.

"Ugh, fine."

Gethen shot Sophie's other leg and she felt tears leak out of her eyes, as she still held her first wounded leg.

"Good night little Moonlark," Gethen said as he stalked over to Sophie. He raised the melder and and shot her head. Everything went black.

Chapter 8 (Keefe's POV)[edit | edit source]

Keefe ran down the halls to get to the healing center. He heard Sophie and his mom yelling at each other. Faster. Faster. You need to save her. He told himself. He reached the Healing Center but could barely breathe.

ls to get to the healing center. He heard some yelling coming from his mother and Sophie. Faster. Faster. You need to save her. He told himself. He reached the Healing Center but could barely breathe.

"What's wrong? Did something happen? Where is Sophie?" Gigantor started bombarding him with questions.

"They... they're... here," Keefe said in between breaths.

"Who's here?" Ro asked, grabbing the handle of her sword.

"The...," dang, why did he have to be so out of breath? "The... Neverseen!"

"WHAT?" Sandor and Ro shouted in unison.

"Follow me," Keefe said.

Keefe ran out of the door and started to sprint down the corridor, to get back to Sophie ASAP.(A.N. Idk if elves use that abbreviation.)

He soon heard the voice of Gethen and his mom talking. Keefe turned the corner and saw an unconscious Sophie slung across Gethen's right shoulder.

"NO!" Keefe shouted. He couldn't help it.

Sandor charged forward and started slashing his sword at his mom, while Ro tackled Gethen down to the floor and picked up Sophie. She carefully handed Sophie to Keefe and ran over to help Sandor. Sophie started stirring. Then her eyes slowly fluttered open.

"Where are they?" Sophie asked.

"Sh...," Keefe softly whispered. "Everythings going to be okay. Ro and Sandor are handling it." She fell asleep in his arms. Keefe looked up and saw his mom and Gethen leap away with a few bloody gashes across their arms and faces.

Once they were gone Keefe ran to the healing center as fast as he could while holding Sophie.

Chapter 9 (Sophie's POV)[edit | edit source]

Sophie woke up from the most painful headache she has ever had. And that's saying something. She groaned and slowly sat up. What happened? The last thing that she remembers is... having a fight with Amy? No that couldn't be it. That was several years ago. When Amy first turned... how old is Sophie. She can't be dead. Could she?

"Oh, Sophie! You're awake," a strange, yet cute, blond, teenager said from a chair next to her cot.

"Who-who are you," she asked.

His smile fell. "You- you don't remember me," he asked, it looked like he was about to cry.

"Who are you? Where am I? What happened? Where are my parents? Where's Amy?" she started bombarding him with questions.

. . . . . . . .

Sophie jolted out of her sleep. She saw a peaceful Keefe asleep in a chair next to her cot. That was officially the worst dream she has ever had. Her hair was plastered to her forehead from sweat. Did she really think that Keefe was cute in her dream? Did she think that in real life? Keefe started stirring. Sophie finally noticed her super bad headache. It wasn't as bad as the one in her dream. But... it was still pretty bad.

"Foster!" Keefe shouted, "you're awake!" (A.N. Idk why I made Keefe shout that lol)

"I'm up, but in pain," she said, laughing a little at his happiness about her being awake.

He stood up from his chair and hugged Sophie. Her face turned bright red. Keefe leaned back and smirked.

"Nice emotions there, Foster," he said, making Sophie blush an even darker shade of red.

Then Elwin came rushing into the room and gave Sophie a few elixirs. Then a bottle of youth, and then a pain elixir.

"Why can't I feel my legs?" Sophie asked. Looking at them to make sure that they were still there.

Elwin flashed a few orbs of light around them, his face fell.

"What? What's wrong with them?" Sophie asked.

"Can you move them?" Elwin asked, with a bit of panic laced in his voice.

Sophie tried and couldn't. She concentrated on her legs as much as she could, but nothing happened.

"I-I can't move them," she said. She started taking in sharp breaths, trying to calm herself down.

"Wait," Keefe said, looking terrified of his thought, "does this that Fo-Sophie is pa-" it was like he couldn't get the word out of his mouth.

"Paralyzed?" Elwin finished his sentence. Then nodded. "And it's permanent." (A.N. Now you know why this story is called paralyzed. I'm so mean. MWAHAHAHAHAHA)

Chapter 10 (Keefe's POV)[edit | edit source]

Keefe saw Foster taking in slow, shaky breaths. In, out, in, out. Then tears started to form in her eyes. She tried and failed at sitting up. She flopped back down on her cot, let out a long sigh, and wipes the tears out of her eyes. She tried and failed to sit up again, but before she could flop back down, Keefe put an arm on her back to keep her up and shifted the pillows so they could keep her up.

"Thanks," she mumbled, turning a light shade of pink. (A.N. Sorry if this is starting out a little slow. I have the main plot down for this fanfic, but not the details.)

Keefe smirked, "Anytime, Foster, anytime."

Foster turned to Elwin. "Are you sure there isn't any way to fix it?"

"No. All of your muscle tissue got really injured and there is no way to fix it," Elwin said.

Foster took another deep breath. "How will I be able to get around?"

"With this," Elwin replied, pulling a wheelchair out of his office area.

Foster buried her head in her hands and mumbled, "Does that mean someone has to push me around where ever I go?"

"Yes," Elwin said.

(A.N. Sry 'bout the cliff hanger i rly don't feel like writing this fanfic any more so just a short little thing here...

Sophie sucks it up and soon doesn't care about the wheel chair. Fitz joins the Neverseen and kills Lihn (sry about that hehe). Sophie and Keefe get married. Blah Blah Blah... they were a bad match so they didn't have kids because they didn't want them to to get bullied because of their parents matching status. (Yes I did plan the whole plot before I started writing ) Sophie gets kicked out of team Valient bc she's crippled. (I'm so evil) Sophie's mind almost breaks. Then the Neverseen get defeated. Then they live a happy life after that.)

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