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Hello, fellow members of this wiki!

The Short Stories Wiki has been very helpful with providing me with a place where not only can I write my own stories, but I can read and comment on the stories written by others. However, since our founder is usually offline, I feel we need to elect an administrator (or sysop, whatever you prefer to call it) to welcome new users and guide them with creating their first article, alerting them to rules and assisting with disputes, etc.

For those unfamiliar with what this means, an administrator has certain abilities that others do not possess. An administrator must be trusted to use them to help and fix things up. These powers include deleting articles, banning users, protecting pages, editing protected pages, editing the sitenotice and creating bots.

I wish to nominate myself for this position because:

  • I believe I am trusted around the wiki.
  • I am active (meaning I use the wiki and edit it often).
  • I am an experienced user and I know most of the rules.
  • Finally, I intend to make use of the sitenotice and populate the forums.

Please vote with a # and Support or Oppose, and explain why. Then sign your name either with four tildes (~~~~) or your customized signature, if you have one. -- Telos Talk


I have decided to change my request from sysop to bureaucrat. I feel that since XKooky is not on often, this will enable me to make others administrators, rollbacks, etc (provided they make a good case). If I do become a bureaucrat, I promise not to abuse my powers or I shall suffer the consequences for my actions. Thank you. -- Telos Talk

Vote Below this lineEdit

Support - For all the reasons listed above. -- Telos Talk

Support - Telos is good at helping people with punctuation and is online regularly. GuitarMad sig My Userpage - Talk 2 Me!

Support - Telos is constantly providing help and opptimsem to other users and is a well respected user. Also, he helps with Front Lines. Ethan's sig2My Userpage - Talk

Support - I don't know Telos to well on this wiki, But I've read thru some of his stories, Wonderful. His work on another wiki I know is magnificent too! --CoNgRaTzItSaCoLo 21:39, 27 February 2009 (UTC) (Sorry don't have a userpage on this wiki)


Comment - for some reason the # isn't working. I'll just change it to a *. Done. -- Telos Talk

Comment - Thanks Colo! For some reason the text is going red. =\ -- Telos Talk

Comment Telos is awsome and I think he is a great rolemodel for all writers!!!! Ethan's sig2My Userpage - Talk

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