Notes from the Author before the story begins

These are just some things I want you to know before you go and judge me and say "This looks like it was written by a twelve year old!"

Well first of all, I AM twelve. Second of all, this is my first fan-fiction type of thing, aside from Nightstrike's Despair, which can be found on the Animal Jam Clans Wiki. I really only decided to write this because I just finished Heroes of Olympus and once I finished it, ideas started to come to my head. Ideas of a twelve year old girl who was the sister of Percy Jackson (on the immortal side, don't worry, Sally doesn't need to have to deal with another kid LOL). I get that the Poseidon thing is probably already taken by MANY people's fan-fictions, and my fan-fiction will probably be crap compared to those. But I am basically a female Percy when it comes to personality. My character will be the same. Since she will act like Percy, why not make her related to Percy? But I made this for my own purpose. However, if anyone decides they want to read this, you are welcome to, as long as you do not critisize me. I have already explained that I am only twelve. 

I have not read the Trials of Apollo yet, so this takes place after Heroes of Olympus and it probably takes place during the time Trials of Apollo was set in, so it is basically what would have happened if Trials of Apollo hadn't came yet.

I may make these little notes at the beginning of chapters to remind you or tell you about things. My grammar and spelling may not be perfect! If you have any suggestions about the grammar or spelling, please leave them in the comments! Also, I was originally going to do this story all in first person except for the prologue then figured out that that would be too hard. I may accidentally put in "I", "Me", "My", "We", etc. Remember, before you comment about how bad this is, keep this note in mind and the fact that I'm only twelve.


Also, sorry, the prologue will be the only part with Percy's view. I'm sorry ;-;-;-;-;-;-;

Now, let the story begin, shall we?


Percy had no idea who the girl with the striped socks was.

He had been walking back home from school. It was the last few days of school before he could go back to Camp Half-Blood.

Oh ya, he's a demigod. Son of Poseidon. Kind of attracted a lot of monsters. Woops.

He kept feeling as if someone was watching him. Hostile eyes. Everytime he turned around though, it was just the normal Manhattan kids going home from school.

He kept walking, thinking of the fight with Gaea that had happened last year. Leo had disappeared. Most likely dead, as Nico had said. Percy wasn't able to do a thing, as he can't fly, Unlike Jason. And unfortunately, Jason wasn't able to do anything either.

He stopped in front of a restaurant. McDonalds. Why does it seem like he can find them every ten feet? Percy thought that no one would have an answer to that. But he did know for sure that someone was watching him. Just as he suspected, a girl walked up to him. At first, he saw nothing wrong. Then for a second, the magic veil that hides what's really going on from human eyes, called Mist, shimmered, showing the girl with flaming hair and mismatched legs. One like a donkey hoof, the other a normal human leg... made of bronze. An Empousa. Great (not really). Quickly he uncapped his pen. Unlike most pens, it grew into a three-feet long sword made of Celestial Bronze. He pointed it under her chin.

"Don't come any closer. Explain what you want. If it's bad, this goes straight through your neck and you'll turn to dust. If it's good, I suppose you can live until the next hero finds you."

The girl smiled innocently "But all I want is a kiss.'

"Nice try. I heard that one before."

"Aww. I supposed I'll have to find another way."

"Please, can we at least fight where people can't see us? Do you know how many times I was wanted until the Mist managed to hide it?"

"Nope." And she lunged.

Percy was usually skilled at sword-fighting. But the empousa was quick, and each swing he missed. Plus, he was trying to keep his movements short so the Mist would make it look like he was flicking his pen or something. He had no idea what the mortals were seeing the empousa doing.

She was fast, and difficult to attack, especially since he was trying to make his movements small. Eventually the fight, which could have been good if he wasn't so focused on trying to keep the mortals from telling what was really happening, turned out bad for him. He got disarmed from the empousa kicking his sword arm (it really hurt), sending the sword flying out of his reach. Then the empousa managed to get him into a headlock (he still didn't know how to explain how she even managed to do that).

He really wished his judo-flipping girlfriend, Annabeth were here. She judo-flipped him once when she came to New Rome. She would probably judo-flip this annoying empousa.

He realized the empousa's grip was tightening on his neck and that it was getting difficult to breathe. Woops. He had distracted himself with thoughts of Annabeth while the empousa was choking him. Best move. Not really.

He tried to elbow the empousa in the stomache, but she stepped back just enough so it missed. He tried several others way to escape, but each one she dodged, and he was getting a little short on air. 

Wow. He thought. Survived Tartarus. Survived Gaea. Probably won't survive an emousa choking me. Yay me.

Then a girl with a flute screamed, "Someone, this girl is trying to kill the boy over here!"

Percy supposed that the Mist had been tricking the mortal minds into thinking that the empousa was just chatting with him or whispering in his ear until the girl said something. As soon as she said something, several people yelled, "Hey, leave the kid alone!" He felt people grab the empousa's hands and peel them away from his neck and then saw people move in front of him, as if protecting him from the empousa. He fell to his knees, gasping for breath. He heard people asking him if he was okay, but he wasn't able to respond yet. Finally he stood back up and said, "I'm fine. Thanks for helping." Police were already on the scene, as well as a few ambulance cars.

He sighed, ready to answer the questions. "Are you ok." "May we check your breathing?" from the perimedics. Something like that last question. Honestly, he really didn't feel like dealing with the ambulance, but when they did a quick check of his breathing, they were sure his breathing was normal and let him go.

Great. He thought. Now I need to see who that girl is and how she could tell I was being choked while everyone else didn't know.

He found her waiting near the McDonalds, clutching her flute tightly. She looked about twelve. For some reason, she had black and blue wireless headphones, despite the fact it was obvious she wasn't playing music, as she seemed to hear everything police asked her such as "Do you know either the young man or the young woman?". Her black hair was long, coming down a long way down her back. She wore a black sweater-dress with shorts. Her socks were the most noticeable. They were black with neon blue stripes and went up to her knees. Her shoes were boots that went halfway to her knees. Her eyes were blue, but not a deep blue like Jason's. More like the blue of the water in a river or lake. 

"Hello." Percy said. "And thanks for helping me"

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