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Chapter Two

Juki really didn't want to get home. She would come back to her Aunt Milenda. Truthfully, she was a great aunt and acted a lot like Juki's mother. But that was the problem. She was too much like Juki's mother. Juki knew she didn't try. She didn't know that she reminded Juki way too much of her mother. 

Juki's mother had died in a bank robbery. The robber had come in and demanded to get money, the bank refused. To show what would happen if they refused again, the robber shot Juki's mother. After that, the bank unwillingly gave the money. Juki could remember the headline on the news. "Robbery occured at bank. One killed. No other injuries or deaths." The news had went on for a while. Juki's mother still hadn't come back home. Then the news had said,  "The victim of the robbery has been identified as Samantha Sillow." Five minutes later she heard the phone ring. Since Juki was too shocked to pick it up, it kept ringing until it went on a message. Milenda's voice came through, "Juki, you poor soul. Don't worry, I'll be at your house soon. Don't worry. Everything will be alright." About ten minutes later, Aunt Milenda came at her house, trying to calm Juki down, assuring her that her mother had died an honorable death of defying those against the law.

Now Juki sat under a tree, playing her flute softly. She was still trying to learn how to play Discord. It was difficult, but fun. Then she saw Elmer. A kid who had every class with her in school. Even when they weren't in school, he seemed to always try to keep her in sight. He walked with a slight limp. Despite that, he seemed normal. Though Juki wondered his reason for following her everywhere. Every once and a while she considered him having a crush on her, but every time she caught him looking at her, it was a look of sympathy or concern, not love.

She groaned and got up when Elmer ran up and said, "That was dangerous."

"What was?" Juki responded.

"The thing where you helped P-the teenager."

"Yes, it was partially dangerous. So what and why do you care?"

Elmer glared at her, as if he knew something she did not but didn't want to tell her.

Then the girl who had choked the Percy guy stormed up and screamed, "Brat! That demigod's blood was my meal!"

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Juki looked at Elmer, expecting him to be confused too, but he glared at the girl in front of them.

"Sorry, but Juki here doesn't even realize what demigods are yet. Please come again later." Elmer said.

"No. To replace the boy, she'll be my meal."

"NO THANK YOU." Juki started to back up a little, clutching her flute, ready to bonk it on the vampire-girl's head.

The vampire-girl glared at her. "She's a demigod too. How pleasant."


Instead, Elmer just said, "They forgot to arm me."

"Who's they?!"


The vampire-girl smirked and lunged, and Juki swung her aside with her flute. "ELMER, LET'S RUN!"

"No need to argue!" And they both sprinted off.

"This way!" Elmer shouted, grabbing Juki's arm and running towards an empty hill.

"How will a hill help us lose a cannibal?!"

"You'll see.. if it works."

"What?! If what works?!"

"You may not be who I thought you were!"

"What did you think I was!"

"I'll explain if we live!"

As they passed a pine tree Elmer pulled her to a stop. "Ok you are who I thought you were. Maybe." He looked at the vampire-girl, who slammed into the space beside the tree as if it were a wall.

Then Elmer yelled loudly and a kid came up with a sword. He had blonde hair, glasses and a scar on his lip, maybe about sixteen. Around Percy's age.

He stabbed the vampire-girl in the stomache and she disappeared with a scream. He then looked at Juki. "Empousa. What the myth about vampires was started about."

"Oh..." Juki said.

The kid said, "Jason Grace. Welcome to Camp Half-Blood. What is your name?"

"..Juki Sillow."

"Looks like Elmer did his job."

"What job?"

"He's a satyr. A lot have been sent to bring demigods here."

"Aren't satyrs goat-legged people in Greek myths?"

Elmer clapped her on the back. "Yes. And by the way, those Greek myths aren't really myths."

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