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I realized about an hour before I started writing this that so far, Juki has been dead serious. Woops. My characters always turn out dead serious. I'll try a little to make Juki more like me ;).

Sorry about the constant size changes near the end. My z key isn't working so I have to copy and paste it to properly spell things, and when I do, it changes the size and I don't know how to fix it. Sorry about that.

Chapter Three

"Let's get you to Chiron." Jason said.

The camp was truly amazing. There was a bunch of cabins, all with completely different decorations. One looked like a bunch of roses put together. Another looked like a vampire's house.

Jason seemed to noticed Juki looking at the one that looked like a vampire's house. "Ya. Nico complained about the cabin last summer. Luckily for him, they at least changed the inside. I think the beds were the biggest problem."

"What were the beds before they were changed?" Juki asked.

"Coffins. They were actually formed like coffins."

"That... poor Nico... or whatever his name is."

"Yea. Luckily they did change it to normal beds."

They walked on for a while- until Juki saw Percy. He was sword fighting. A few campers tried to attack him, but he disarmed them at once.

Jason looked at Percy too. "Yea. Son of Poseidon. Really the only people that can stand up against him in a sword fight would be me and maybe Nico di Angelo. Everyone else.. well, disarmed."

"I met him before."

Elmer and Jason both looked at Juki and said at the same time. "You did?"

"Well ya.. he was being choked by that empousa. His sword was lying on the ground a couple of feet away. However, I don't remember him picking back up his sword."

"That's because... you know what, you're already confused. You'll find out how he got his sword back soon enough." Jason said.

"How come you never told me?" Elmer said.

"I didn't think it would be that important. I also didn't know you cared. And I certainly didn't realize you were a satyr."

"Oh... right."

Jason and Elmer led her to what they called the "Big House". Then Jason went inside and came back out a few moments later with a normal-looking grown man.... except below the waist, he was a stallion.

"I'm Chiron." The man-horse said. "Sorry, Usually I have my wheelchair for first encounters, but I couldn't find it."

"Y-Yo-You'r-You're a.." Juki said.

"Centaur?" Chiron finished for her.


"Welcome to Camp Half-Blood. May I ask what your name is?"

"J-Juki Sillow."

Chiron looked at her flute. "Would you like to play that in front of the camp to see if your parent will claim you that way? If you're really good, I think your parent may be Apollo."

"Uhh.... Ok?" Juki responded

"Ok. Jason, would you like to give her a short tour of the camp?" Chiron asked.

"Sure." Jason responded.

A few feet from the Big House, Jason said, "We'll go to the cabins first."

About five minutes later, they were in a circle of cabins. There were even more cabins apart from the circle.

Jason said, "Which side of your parents is immortal?"

"What?" Juki asked.

Jason thought for a moment then said. "Which side of your parents did you grow up with? Mother or Father?"


"Then your immortal parent would be one of the gods and not the goddesses."


"We'll start with the male god side since any of them could be your parent."


They started with a cabin that kinda looked like it was supposed to be sky-themed. It was. Jason explained it was his cabin, the Zeus cabin. Then they went to the cabin next to it, which was the vampire-cabin from earlier. Hades cabin. Juki stopped to look at the next cabin. A sea-themed cabin. 

"Poseidon?" She guessed.

"Yep." Jason responded.

"Didn't you say Percy was a son of Poseidon?"

"Mhm. Why?"

"Is there anyone who shares the cabin with him?"

"Sometimes his half-brother, Tyson. Tyson's a Cyclopes though, so usually he's working in Poseidon's forges."

"Oh." That made Juki realize something. Is it just you in the Zeus cabin and just Nico in the Hades cabin?"



They continued on. The cabin that looked like a bunch of roses put together was Demeter's cabin. There were a lot of cabins to look at. The kid wearing a lot of black at Cabin 7 was a little bit creepy though.

"Nico di Angelo." Jason said, looking at the kid standing in front of the cabin as if waiting for something.

"Didn't you say he was a son of Hades?"

"I did. He's been spending a lot of time with Will Solace though, who is a son of Apollo. This is Apollo's cabin."


Then she realized the Nico kid was glaring at her. Jason noticed and said, "Oh don't worry, he likes to scare people. Even though he knows he needs more friends." But even Jason's eyes looked troubled, as if Nico didn't usually glare at people when he first saw them.

"Let's.. continue." Jason said. And so they did. A lot of other cabins. Jason stopped at Cabin 11, the Hermes cabin, to explain that that's where Juki will stay until she is claimed, which should be soon. Then they continued a bit more.

Finally the tour ended on the female side of the cabins with Hecate. "Can you find your way back to Cabin 11? They'll probably take you to the campfire when it's time."

"Uh... Sure." Juki said.

"Later then. I'm gonna swordfight with Percy."

Juki walked down to the Hermes cabin, but on the way there, she was stopped by Nico. He walked up to her and stared at her, as if trying to figure out something. Maybe who her Olympian parent is? 

Then he said, "There is a spirit inside you, wanting to take control. Don't let it. It will make innocent people perish."

Out of all the things that had happened that day, that was what scared her the most. She backed away slowly, starting at Nico in fear, before running away. Thankfully, he didn't stop her again.

She arrived at the Hermes cabin, breathing heavily from running so fast. Then someone spoke. She wipped around, ready to smack someone with her flute, until she saw the twins. They looked so similar it was obvious.

"Hello. Are you unclaimed or not?" One twin said.

"Uhhhhhhhhh?" Juki responded.

"Unclaimed. Well, thankfully we don't have so many people in this cabin since more people have been claimed lately. Welcome to Cabin Eleven. I'm Travis Stoll." The second twin said.

"I'm Conner Stoll." The first twin said. "Pick an empty bed. We'll tell you if it's taken or not. Luckily, we don't have so many people to where some have to sleep on the floor anymore."

So she did pick an empty bed. Before she put her flute down, she looked up at Conner and Travis. "Isn't Hermes the god of thieves as well as being a messenger god?"

"Yes, why?" Conner asked.

"......Look away."

"Okay?" And so both of them did.

Quickly Juki hid her flute somewhere in her bed. "Ok, you can look now."

Travis walked up and clapped her on the back. "Already learning not to trust us. Good move."

"Uhh.. Okay?"

They walked away. Then Juki checked her pockets. Her thirty dollars was missing. She yelled after Travis. "COME BACK WITH MY MONEY!"

A while later it was time for the campfire. Almost time to see who her Olympian father was.


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