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Chapter Four

Juki sat down. It was about 7:00 pm. Aparrently the time for the campfire. The Hermes kids sat around next to her. One kid told her that if she wanted something to drink, she can just tell the empty glass in front of her.

It seemed stupid, but she did it anyway. "Root beer." And sure enough, the glass filled with root beer. Then she said, "Cherry Root Beer." Sure enough, the root beer got a redish hue. 

Chiron walked up the pavilion and said a few announcements before announcing we could begin eating. But even then, no one started eating immediately. Instead, everyone got up and walked to the fire. The kid who told Juki about the magical cups said, "Burning offerings to the gods. Come on."

Out of all the weird things going through her mind that day, Juki decided that had to be one of the least weird things. So she walked up to the fire and thought, Whoever actually cares about what happens to me, could you at least explain what that Nico kid meant? Then she scraped in a juicy piece of her ham, noticing how the others were giving their best foods to the fire. She turned back to her table to notice Nico sitting at the Hades table, watching her, as if waiting for something bad to happen. Unnerved, she walked back to the Hermes table and ate. Then Chiron stomped his hoof against the pavilion again.

"Hello, campers. Capture the flag will be on Friday in two weeks. Not everyone is back from school yet. Also, I would like to welcome Juki Sillow. She could possibly be a child of Apollo, so she will play her flute when she's ready." Chiron said.

Juki ran back to the Hermes and took her flute out of it's hiding spot and ran back to the Hermes table. She waited for her breath to come back, fully aware of all the eyes on her. Then she started playing Leave out all the Rest by Linkin Park on the flute. She finished. But there was nothing to suggest she had been claimed. People clapped, but no one said anything about her godly parent except, "Don't you think that deserved a claiming?". Chiron got up and clapped her on the back. "Too ba-" He had knocked the flute out of her hands. As it fell, it flipped. But what hit the ground was not her flute. Instead of a flute was a four feet long blade, with silver as the base, with bronze patterns along the blade. The grip was the color of water. The two things stretching out of the grip was shaped like a trident.


Juki stared at it, until she realized there was a faint blue-green glow above her head and several people gasped. She thought she could hear Percy's voice, "I thought he was kidding.." She looked up and saw a blue-green trident floating above her head.

Chiron stared for a second then said, "May I welcome, Juki Sillow, daughter of Poseidon, sister of Perseus Jackson." That's when she noticed Percy walking up with a blonde-haired girl.

He grinned at Chiron. "You'd think things like this would deserve a little warning. Apparently not." He said. Then he looked at Juki. "Nice seeing you again. Weird that we met before and then found out we're siblings on the god side."

"Y-ya.." Juki responded.

"Hello, I'm Annabeth." The blonde girl said. "If Percy's being an idiot, please tell me and I'll judo-flip him for you."

"Not that!" Percy said.

Juki picked up the sword lying on the ground. "How do I make it normal again...?"

"Hmm. Well, since it turned into a sword while flipping in the air, maybe it'll turn back into a flute by being flipped again." Annabeth said.

Juki grasped the handle and flipped it in her hand. Sure enough, the sword changed back into a flute. But now the keys and mouthpiece were bronze as well. She tried to play it. Luckily, it still sounded ok. In fact, it even sounded better.

Annabeth looked at the flute. "A mix of Celestial Bronze and silver. Clever. I'd think Poseidon worked with Apollo to get the flute part correct. Even though.. Hey, when did you get this flute?"

"Since I was born." Juki replied.

"Yep. I'm pretty sure now. Definitely Poseidon and Apollo"

"You should go get your stuff into the Poseidon cabin. You do know which one it is, right?" Percy said.

"Cabin Three, Right?" Juki said.

"Yep." Percy responded.

Juki walked to Cabin Three. She didn't exactly bring anything except her flute. No warning. She opened the doors to Cabin Three and was greeted by a bunch of trash on the floor. Percy came in. "Sorry, I didn't realize I'd get a sibling. If it really bothers you, we can clean it up."

"You'd better actually help." Juki said.

"I will, don't worry. I suppose you can use Tyson's bed until they give you one. Just hope Tyson won't come."

"Why? The bed?"

"That and his hugs are deadly bear hugs. When he finds out you're our sister, you may get a few ribs broken."

"Isn't he a Cyclopes?"

"Ya. Did Jason tell you?"


"Don't worry. He's probably the nicest Cyclopes you'll ever meet."

Juki set her flute on the bed. Then Percy said, "I'll suppose you don't have anything except your flute and what you're wearing?" When Juki nodded, he continued, "I can get you a few Camp Half-Blood T-shirts. Recently we've been able to get it any color we want. Do you want it to be the normal orange or do you want to change it a little?"

Juki looked at Percy's Camp Half-Blood T-shirt he was wearing then and said, "Could it be black with a neon blue logo?"

"Sure. I'll tell Chiron."


Juki sat down on her/Tyson's bed. It was an exhausting day.

A girl named Piper had shown Juki around the camp (minus the cabins of course). Aparrently, to the kids at Camp Half-Blood, normal camp activities included archery, swordfighting (with real swords!), wall-climbing (which may seem normal until you realize the wall-climbing included real life lava), and much more dangerous stuff.

Percy was still out with Annabeth. Judging from the amount of time he spent with her, Juki assumed they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Juki ended up falling asleep. All of her dreams were weird though. She had been warned of her dreams being vivid now that she knew who she was. But these dreams weren't warnings. They were just weird. All weird. Everything she saw in it changed into something really really weird. 

When she woke up though, she could quickly realize she wasn't in control of her own body. It was still dark out. Juki tried to move, but couldn't. Instead, she moved whenever she didn't mean to. It was like watching a movie and trying to change things in it, but unable to. She tried to scream, but her voice wouldn't work. She heard a voice in her head that wasn't hers. "Don't try to fight my control. No one will know you are trying to. No one will help." There was a cruel tone in the voice of the person in her head. All of the sudden, everything the Nico kid had done suddenly made sense.

She remembered his words, "There is a spirit inside you, wanting to take control. Don't let it. It will make innocent people perish." He had been trying to warn her. When he was watching her at the campfire, he was trying to make sure the spirit did not take control and cause chaos. He wasn't really creepy anymore. More like concerned. 

The thing controlling her body moved her across the cabin. Percy was asleep. Was he drooling?

The spirit was making her do things she didn't want.

Move where she didn't want.

See what she didn't want.

Kill whoever she didn't want to.

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