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Chapter Five

Juki grabbed a jacket as she walked out. Thankfully, the spirit controlling her knew that it was cold outside.

The spirit walked to the water and jumped in. The water carried her across. A few miles from Camp Half-Blood, kids ran up to her. They asked her why she was in the water but not wet. Aparrently, she did not care. A wave rose above the kids and crashed down on them. The spirit continued on, not bothering to check if the kids were okay.

Inwardly, Juki kept screaming to stop it. But the spirit did not care. 

After about twenty miles of Juki trying to take back control, the spirit stopped. Juki watched herself walk to a bench and sit down. In her head, she asked, Why did you stop..?

Did you want me to continue? The cruel voice responded.

No. Just wondering. Juki thought quickly.

Someone around here deserves a present from me. Perhaps he might even remember me when he sees how I act. The spirit said.

A kid, about sixteen or seventeen, walked out of a nearby restaurant. His hair was a curly mess.

A wave rose behind Juki. It crashed down, thoroughly getting the curly-haired guy wet and a few other people. The curly-haired guy looked around until he spotted Juki. He froze, then started backing up. 

Juki walked up to him and said,  "Oh, you remember me Leo? Did you at first thing it was Percy, just playing a prank on you?"

Leo glared back and said, "I thought you would not bother me after Gaea was brought back to sleep. What do you want?"

"Payback." And a wave rose once more. This time, when it crashed down, it stayed for about fifteen seconds until it went back to it's source. Leo sputtered, trying to get his breath back.

"You wanted to know how scary Percy could be when he's trying? Well, here's you're answer!" Another wave rose up and flooded the place, this time staying for about forty-five seconds.

Juki can be scary too
When the wave receded, Leo was coughing up some water. Leo stood up and set his hands on fire, which would have scared Juki had she been in control. "How did you know that?"

(As Medusa said, the face. Always the face. >>)

"When I saw Percy and Annabeth in Tartarus, I started following them. Then, when I saw Percy control Alkhlys' poison, I knew that if the two of them survived, Annabeth would tell you guys and you would wonder how scary Percy can be when he's trying. Don't forget, I've possessed you once too."

Once more, water crashed down onto Leo and a few other people. But this time the spirit didn't get rid of it. "Enough talk." It said. It held out Juki's hand, and her flute flew to the outstretched hand. It flipped it, but before it could grab it again, pain flared through Juki's head. Instantly Juki went back into control but that only made the pain worse. Her knees buckled, and she fell. Everything went dark after that.

She woke up to hear Percy's voice.

"..I didn't think Juki would do something like that." Percy's voice.

"Well she did. Plus, I think it was an eidolon." Juki assumed that was Leo.

"I thought we were done dealing with those things!" 

"Aparrently not."

"Wait. I think she's waking up." Percy said.

She took that as a reason to show she was awake and sat up, rubbing her head. Then she remembered the kids she might have drowned and a fear tears came out.

Leo said, "Well, her eyes aren't yellow anymore, so I guess that proves it wasn't her."

Percy knelt next to her. "Sorry that i had to knock you out with my sword. I didn't know how else to snap you out of it quickly. But if it is an eidolon, we'll need Piper. I still don't understand how she did it last time."

"She really should have told the eidolons to not mess with demigods at all. Would make life much easier." Leo said.

Then a girl came up. When she saw Percy, she dropped what she was holding (some grocery bag). Percy looked at her and looked just as shocked for a moment. Then he smiled. "So the gods finally let you off that stupid island, Calypso?"

"Ya.." Calypso responded, picking up the bag. Then she gave it to Leo. "The scrap pieces you wanted."

Leo took it. "Now I need to find Festus. Seriously, how does a giant dragon disappear on me?"

"Wait," Percy said. "Did you want to come back to Camp Half-Blood with me and Juki?"

"Nah. I'll go there if I do later though."

"Ok. Well, Juki and I are off. Right?"

"Uh yea sure..." She glanced at Leo. "Do you forgive me..?"

"Of course. I got possessed by an eidolon too. I'm pretty sure it was the same one that controlled you. Bye." Leo responded.

Percy looked at Juki. "Do you just wanna swim back?"

"Sure. Quicker than walking. And I'm pretty sure you didn't drive a car to get here."

"I can drive, but I don't even own my own car yet. And I wasn't gonna find one when I could just use the water."

"Good point."

And so they were off back to Camp Half-Blood.

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