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Sorry for not keeping Leo. I didn't know if that would ruin the fanfic, considering I'm only twelve and I do NOT plan ahead XD

Chapter Six

Percy looked at Juki. They had just gotten back to Camp Half-Blood. "We'll get Piper. Last time, she was able to do something about it. I'm sure with her stronger charmspeak that she will be able to do it again."


They found her outside the Ares cabin, trying to calm down an Ares camper and a Hermes camper about to fight.

"I know he stole it! But he gave it back. Just let it go and we'll all be ok." Piper said.

"No one steals from the Ares cabin! He needs to learn that!" The Ares camper said.

"Calm down and forgive." Piper said. For some reason, even though she didn't need to forgive anyone, Juki really wanted to listen and do just that.

The Ares camper sighed and muttered, "Fine. But don't expect me to be happy about it."

The Hermes camper ran off. 

Percy walked up as the Ares kid walked away and said, "Having fun there, Piper?"

"Not really."

"Great, because this won't be fun either."

She sighed. "What is it, Percy?"

"So.. you remember the eidolons?"

"Oh no. Do not tell me they're back."

"What else do I say then?"

She sighed. "Who's being posessed?"

"As far as I know, only Juki is."

"Ok then. Go ahead and sits down, Juki." And then they all sat cross-legged on the grass.

"Eidolon. Show yourself."

Juki looked at Percy. "Is this what she did bef-" The eidolon took control and glared at Piper. "You again, huh?"

"Why did you come back? You were supposed to stay away."

Juki smirked. "You will find that out soon."

"Soon meaning..?"

Juki's smirk faded away. "I have no idea."

Piper went back to what Juki assumed was charmspeak. "You will leave all demigods alone, okay?"

"But I..!" Juki said."



"Now. Begone. Never come back. You will not bother any demigods ever again. You will not posess them nor posess a mortal to attack them."


"Promise on the River Styx."

"Why should I?"

"Why shouldn't you? Now, promise on the River Styx."

"I.. I promise. On the River Styx."

"Good. You will also tell your eidolon friends. Now begone."

And Juki got back in control. Her headache Percy head gave her was fading away even though she should have felt it worse. She looked at Percy. "I still have a headache though."

He grinned. "Sorry. It'll be there for a while."

Juki sighed and splashed him with water from the nearby creek. Aparrently he was caught by surprise because he got wet. "You are a bad brother."

"I don't think Tyson would agree."

"I haven't even met him yet!"

"Too bad for you."

Piper was watching the argument, laughing. 

Juki and Percy both looked at her and said at the same time, "You get wet too!" And a wave rose from the creek and got Piper thoroughly wet.

A while later, Juki walked up to Percy while we was practicing swordfighting. 

"Hey Percy, could you help me with swordfighting?"

"Sure. Maybe tomorrow?"

"Ok. And I think I know how the eidolon got my flute while it was all the way back here."

"Wait so you didn't bring it with you?"

"Nope." Juki held out her hand and concentrated. The flute, in sword form, was probably still at the lake where she dropped it. The sword flew into her hands, handle in perfect place for her to catch it.

"Neat. I wish Riptide would do that."

"Doesn't appear back in your pocket in pen form?"

"Ya, but usually after I need it."

"Ah. Well, I guess I can watch you swordfight today and start learning tomorrow."

"Okay then." 

And so she did watch. And she was worried he was gonna kick her butt tomorrow even if he tried to go easy.

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