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If you didn't figure out, the skeletons last chapter were the skeletons in The Titan's Curse that followed Percy everywhere, all the way to Camp Half-Blood.

Chapter Eight

Juki woke up. The pain in her stomache was dull. She tried to sit up, but when she did, the pain instantly flared and she ended up laying back down. Even then, the pain stayed. The door opened and Percy and Annabeth walked in.

"How are you doing?" Annabeth said.

"Awake, at least." Juki responded. "Is it really possible to be okay with a bullet wound?"

"Nope! Nope at all!" Percy said with his normal, crazy-in-the-silly-way smile. "But the wound was small despite going straight through your back, so, 'with the right amount of sleep, ambrosia and nectar, you will be up and about in about a week' as Chiron and Will said." 

Annabeth looked down at Juki. "Honestly, you're lucky it didn't turn out like when Jason got stabbed."

"Jason WHAT?"

"Jason got stabbed. When we were trying to figure out a way to get to New Rome last year."

"Jason GRACE?!"


"But he seemed perfectly fine..." Juki said.

"For.. some reason none of us will ever figure out, even though I had been there, he healed while we were fighting underwater...." Percy said. Then he added under his breath, "In other words, when he was telling Kym why he should help while I was spinning in a poisonous cloud of water..."

"Uhhh... how did he get underwater?" Juki said.

"Storm spirit."

"Storm what?"

"Basically just had a ton of winds around him from a storm spirit."

"Ok..." She still didn't understand what the heck Percy was talking about. 

Annabeth looked out the door and said, "Come on Percy. Chiron's waving at us to get out. You guys have had enough brother-sister time. LET'S GO." She yelled at she grabbed Percy's arm and dragged him out. Percy waved with he other arm as he was being dragged out.


A week passed. The Capture the Flag game was going to happen on Friday, which was five days from the day Juki could finally walk on her own again. At one point Chiron came and asked if she was feeling up to Capture the Flag. She nodded then added, "As long as I don't get even more hurt."

Chiron grinned. "I'll tell them not to aim for your stomache." Then he trodded away.

At least she was back in the Poseidon Cabin. Every now and then she would play her flute until she couldn't get her breath back. Sometimes she'd sing the Pentatonix version of "Carol of the Bells" even though it was the middle of summer and nowhere near Christmas. One of the campers would catch her singing it under a tree and say, "Why are you singing a Christmas song? It's the middle of summer!"

(Fun fact: when I'm writing this, it is three days from Christmas. I HAVE AN EXCUSE FOR WRITING THAT PART.)

Juki would usually reply, "You listen to Pentatonix's version of Carol of the Bells and then accidentally memorize it. Try resisting singing it randomly once you do that."

Other time they would just compliment her on her singing. Most of the time it was that. Other times it was both, them pointing out it's Christmas time and that her singing was good. Sometimes she swore she heard Piper singing it softly along with Juki. If Piper was, her singing was great. Though Juki didn't want to embarrass her by pointing it out. If she was singing it so quietly, she obviously didn't want attention for her singing.


Finally it was time for Capture the Flag. The wound had mostly healed, at least enough to where it didn't hurt 24/7.

Jason ran up to her and said, "We're playing against the Ares cabin, the Dionysus cabin, Aphrodite," He muttered, "Why, Piper, why?" Then, in a louder voice, he continued the list. "Hypnos, Nike, Hebe, Tyche, Hecate, oh you get the point. I'm not going to say EVERY SINGLE CABIN. Just know that on our side there's me, Nico, you and Percy, the Athena cabin, Apollo cabin...." The list continued until he gave up remembering every single cabin name. "We should just get over there. Just know you're against the red team and we're blue team. Annabeth said your position is guarding the flag, which is in the creek, since she figured it would be harder to get it if the daughter of Poseidon is guarding it. Get your flute into a sword and get in position. Splash some people in the fact for me."

As Juki got into position, putting on the armor and the very awkward to wear helmet, Annabeth went over the plan, which really didn't involve Juki that much except to say that Juki should just keep away anyone who tries to get near the flag.

Then, finally, Capture the Flag started.

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