Notes from the Author

Before I begin, I must remind you that this story takes place after Heroes of Olympus. If you have any complaints about how bad I may write, please read the notes before the prologue: The Sister of Percy Jackson Prologue

If you need to read the prologue, click there too. Now, I'm going to begin.

Chapter One.

Truthfully, Juki didn't mean to see a teen being choked by some fourteen or fifteen girl. But it happened. So she did.

She had seen several weird things in her life. People watching her as if she were more than just an ordinary girl. She saw the world shimmer, as if it was covered in a veil that kept being removed for half a second before it was placed back. She didn't know why these things happened. 

The boy had come out of the ambulance car, trying to shrug off all the people concerned for him. He seemed fine despite the fact he had just almost gotten choked to death. There were reporters all around Juki. She tried to ignore them, pretending to listen to music in her wireless headphones. She tapped against her flute. She always tapped her fingers when she was nervous, such as before a test, or on the day she was waiting for her mother to come back from work. 

Whoa, She told herself Stop reminding yourself. Don't stay in the past.

The teenager seems to wait until most of the people got on with their daily lives before coming up to her. "Hello. Thanks for helping me."

Juki nodded. "I couldn't stand around as someone was being killed."

He stared at her, as if trying to figure something out. Finally he seemed to give up and said, "So did you realize what was really happening quickly or did it take you a while?"

Juki thought for a while then said, "At first it seemed as if she was whispering in your ear. Then I blinked and I saw her arms wrapped around you neck and it seriously looked as if you were struggling to breathe."

He muttered something she couldn't quite catch. Then he said, "Well, I'm fine now. Thanks for helping me back there."

And he started walking away until Juki shouted, "Wait, what's your name? I'm Juki Sillow!"

He turned around to look at her and said, "Percy Jackson."

Juki watched Percy walk away. She didn't tell him what she saw when she saw the fourteen or fifteen year old girl choking him. 

She didn't tell him that, for a split second, the girl who was choking him had mismatched legs and flaming hair.

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