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Since there's no create article page, there are two ways I make an article. The first is to search someting you know doesn't exist. Then click on a link that comes up saying you can create this page. The other way is only a little more complex. You edit an article or talk page, and do two brackets (these things [[]]) around whatever you want your story or article to be called. One more thing - when you edit a talk page, do four tildes (these things ~) after your comment. This will make a signature. Good luck on your first article! If you need any more help, just ask me. -- Telos Talk

The LegionEdit

Hey, nice start on your first article! I like superhero kind of things too! -- Telos Talk

Okay, cool. Have you seen my Front Lines story? -- Telos Talk

Hi mate I'm Chappy2

cool article I'v read most of it and i really like it, keep up the good work and if you could be so kind but to take a look at my article called Shade's shadow, thanks!!!Chappy2 00:52, 7 January 2009 (UTC)

Hi there Edit

Hi i'm one of the 3 working on Front Lines and i was wonering if you could take a look and tell me, Telos and Guitarmad what you think. bye Ethan's sig2My Userpage - Talk

Thanks for all your help on the site :)

LOL Edit


This is how sorry I am

Okay! I'm sorry, sometimes I can be bit of a retard. guess they are not that diffrent anyway. So I'm really sorry....

Anyway, get Telos to make you a signature thing like mine, he'd be happy to do it.

Ethan's sig2My Userpage - Talk

I can get to work on the sig right now if you want one. All I need to know is:

  • What color do you want it?
  • What style font (spiky, dripping, shadowy, etc.)?
  • Any other links you want on it?

One more thing. I realize it's probably a little late to tell you this, since you've already written heaps on Survival of the Fittest and The Legion, but you should write your stories in past tense. Let me give you an example:

Here is a sentence in present tense (the way you like to write things): The athletic man sprints around the lake.

If it were in past tense it would look like this: The athletic man sprinted around the lake. Don't worry about changing it all now, but keep it in mind next time you start a new story, OK? Thanks, -- Telos Talk

Hey JMan, I'm going to nominate myself to be an administrator. Please vote and explain why or why not I should be an administrator. -- Telos Talk

hi Edit

You know how Telos is running for admin, please vote for him. Ethan's sig2My Userpage - Talk

Heya JMan, how's it going? Would you like me to go through The Legion and fix up all the punctuation/grammar mistakes for you? I'll be happy to do it! : ) -- Telos Talk

No problem! A few more things.

  • Do you want me to change the tense of it as well? It's technically not a mistake, but it usually sounds better and easier to read in past tense (not present tense, the way you wrote your story).
  • Unfortunately, I can't get started for just over a week. I'm busy this afternoon and on Saturday I'm on vacation for a week. I'll fix it up after that.
  • I never received a response about whether you wanted a customized signature. A signature is flashy, exciting and more convenient to you and others, because it has a link to your talk page. Take a look at mine. It's a good example of a signature. If you want one, tell me what colours on my talk page and I'll whip one up for you as soon as I come back from my vacation! -- Telos Talk
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