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Hello, I am Mighty Erick, administrator of Conmyth and current coordinator of the Creative Web Ring wikis. Welcome to our hub. Mighty Erick

Hi Edit

Hi SudoKing 00:02, 22 April 2008 (UTC)


JMan2.0 07:13, 16 November 2008 (UTC)Hey, I'm JMan2.0 and I love writing short stories. But I wonder, could I submit a longer story, but have it in multiple parts?


hi i'm Chappy2 please read my article Shade's shadow and tell me what you think it's a backstory of Shade from Front Lines

P.S thanks for making the wiki its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ethan's sig2My Userpage - Talk

Re:Good WorkEdit

You're welcome! Glad to make this wiki better. While I'm at it, do you want a customized signature like my friend Chappy or myself? ---- Telos Talk

Yeah! Telos can make these really cool sig things! Your welcome for the stories, its the least we can do, after all, you made the wiki Ethan's sig2My Userpage - Talk

So what do you say? I made one for GuitarMad as well. -- -- Telos Talk

Thanks for making that awsome Front Lines thing like top content! That was really nice of you thanks Ethan's sig2My Userpage - Talk


Hiyas. I've nominated myself to be an administrator bureaucrat. Please vote and, if I win, can you give me sysop bureaucrat status please? Thanks, -- Telos Talk

Heya Zoe, can you grant me bureaucrat status please? On my RfB I have 4 supports and no opposes, and there are only... what 5 or 6 active people on this wiki at the moment? I am fully aware that if I abuse my privileges, you (or Wikia staff) will take away those abilities and I will probably receive a ban for quite a long time. Thanks Zoe, -- Telos Talk

PS: Thanks for creating this wiki, it owns (even though it's small)! :D

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